Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bolt Action in the Jungle.

With last Monday being a public holiday what could be better than spending some time pushing some lead and plastic around.

We decided to have a Bolt Action game using Brad's Japanese against his Brit's and Aussies.

Relatively simple affair using what he had in a chance encounter near a Japanese jungle village.

The layout of the table.

Brit command moving up in support of the HMG

Japanese squad moving through some jungle.

 With not so much cover in the centre of the table both sides tried going around the flanks.

 On the British right flank two Bren carriers and some infantry cross the river using the available cover to engage the Japanese troops on that side of the village.
 Around the left flank two squads of Brit's spread out to take on the Jap's.Leaving the HMG and their commander watching over the centre.

 Opposite them the Japanese also had a HMG setup in one of the buildings with their commander close by. A squad of infantry took over another building around their left flank ready for when the Bren carriers crossed the river.
A Japanese squad in the jungle on the right flank.

With the HMGs trading fire the British command was being reduced.

 In the end it came down to most of the units trading shots and reducing the squads fairly evenly. The Bren's and the infantry with them assaulted the first building with Japanese in it and took them out and then moved onto the building with the HMG in it. Having removed the HMG threat, and with all the squads now running out of man power the game came to an end.

Although I didn't play (I was Chief dice puller outer of the bag and umpire) it was a very enjoyable afternoon. 

Thanks to Brad for supplying all the troops and scenery. 


  1. Looks good eye candy how well did it portray the Japanese


  2. Wonderful terrain and figures, Rodger. You've motivated me to play Bolt Action the next time I host a game. Best, Dean

  3. Great looking game that looks like a lot of fun too. Are those buildings scratch built? and is there a post on them somewhere? They look very well done.

    I plan on getting into Bolt Action eventually with my number one choice being North Africa. Although it's my favorite theater, I like it more that it's not overly done like some others. In the same way, the Pacific definitely is a strong second choice, and your post just gave it another big nudge. :-)

    1. Thanks very much Jason. Have a look at this post about the buildings

  4. Those are some great looking buildings Rodger!


  5. Great looking game. Love the huts.

  6. Great looking game. Those huts look great

  7. Fabulous, if I ever cave in then this would be the theatre that would tempt me most.

  8. Hi Rodger,
    What a beautiful report, love the great looking minis and these oustanding buildings, very atmospheric...wonderful!

  9. The battle-board is a nice piece of modeling! It would be a great bit-o-fun to fight it out on this piece of scenery.

  10. Nice looking game - super jungle stuff :)
    Street fight Burma style...?

  11. Nice! Looks like a great game!

  12. Looks good also to my eye.
    I like buildings, terrain and figures is very well done.

  13. Stunning looking game board and minis :)

  14. lovely looking table and terrain there Rodger

  15. Rodger - great looking terrain. I have found the large Japanese squads fairly deadly in our games.

  16. Very cool. Nice looking all around.

  17. Really nice gaming table with some wonderfull buildings! Great pictures and report! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Awesome looking game Rodger- your buildings are brilliant!

  19. Nice report and looks like a fun game!

  20. Brad has a great collection of figures and terrain, thanks for sharing Roger.

  21. Wow, nice battle report. The photo over view of the board at the top looks great.