Monday, 14 July 2014

A little ACW action.

The other week a couple of us got together for a small ACW bash.

Just a small game involving a few units aside and based on the battle around Brawner's Farm at Second Manassas.

The objective for the game was simple - Take and hold the field in the middle of the table.

This meant that as the Union were starting in possession of the field the Rebels had to force all Union troops out of  the field and then providing they were able to keep some troops in the field, they would win.

If the Rebels were to evict all the Union troops in the field then the Union would have to regain the field by pushing out all the Rebels  and then, as long as there were some Union troops in the field they would win.

Confused?? I think I am!

 The objective area is the fenced off field in the centre of the table.
 Union artillery out on the flank
 The Union already in possession of the field
 With nightfall coming the Rebels begin their advance.  As the moves went on the firing ranges would be reduced as darkness fell.

 Slowly the Confederate forces pushed back the Union line.

 More Rebels were arriving with each turn, but so were the Union.

 It was a slow grind for the Rebels, with each turn bringing a small success in terms of forcing the Union out of the field.
More Union troops arriving on the edge of the field.

Rebel artillery pounding the Union lines.

 The Rebels kept on charging in and the Union would countercharge, pushing the Confederate troops back.
More Rebels moving up.

A stubborn Union unit hanging on.

 As more Union troops arrived and with the darkness of the night it was all too much for the Rebels. Unable to completely force the Union out of the field the Confederate army was forced into retiring from the battlefield.

A Union victory then but not by much.

Another very enjoyable evening with great company.

 Thanks for the game lads.


  1. Great looking game Rodger. Nice!

  2. Lovely terrain and figures!

  3. Great look , and battle Rodger .
    Cheers .

  4. Superb looking game and figures
    What rule set are you using?

    1. For this game we used the original Fire and Fury rules. Sorry I meant to mention that in the post!

  5. Yes, I agree with the others, yours game looks very splendid. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great looking game Rodger, those damn boys in blue

  7. Well, I have to repeat : great looking game Rodger, love this terrain and, of course, the armies...

  8. Looks like a good game Rodger. I have to admit I was a bit confused about what would constitute a win. But as it turned out the Rebels didn't gain the first objective. I feel sorry for them :)

  9. Great looking game - confusion on the battlefield - very realistic!

  10. Great looking game Rodger, thanks for sharing.

  11. Lookis lika a fun game Rodger, and the terrain and minis looks great :)

  12. Great work, great scenes, delicious details and battles.
    It is always a pleasure to see many of these arrangements and material solutions
    I enjoy when I see...

  13. Very nice looking game and AAR

  14. Nicely done, Rodger. This is a feast for my hungry eyes.

  15. Superb, the terrain objective stands out and looks very effective.