Saturday, 27 June 2015

Harpers Ferry to Sharpsburg and Valley Forge.

While staying at Gettysburg we hired a car and drove around the beautiful country side of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

West Virginia on the far side at Harpers Ferry.
The Potomac River

The Potomac again.

The Battlefield around Sharpsburg
The Dunker Church.
 After stopping in at the visitors centre we drove around the battlefield.

Near the sunken road.

 No trip to the Sharpsburg battlefield would be complete without seeing the famous bridge over Antietam creek known as Burnside's Bridge.
 Very warm and peaceful the day we were there and hard to believe that once this was the scene of some bitter fighting.

I also had plans to visit the Brandywine Battlefield but it was closed for some sort of repair work so instead I hopped on a bus and went out to Valley Forge.

 I spent several hours wandering around taking photos.

This guy was busy explaining about the huts to some visitors.

The artillery park.

A huge monument in the middle of the park.

So that is about it until my next trip over to that side of the world.


  1. Great photos Rodger, sounds like an inspiring trip!

  2. Good morning.
    A great series of pictures.
    You have had a long and interesting day trip.
    Thank you for sharing
    You found too small and charmingly idyll, fig 3.

  3. Great pictures! It seems very well preserved/protected. Do the US do that to all their sites..?

    1. It would seem so, Mike. or maybe I just went to the more well known ones!

  4. Nice one Rodger. Great pics for terrain construction.

  5. I love wandering Battlefields like this too, and my family are very patient!
    Thanks for sharing Rodger

  6. Great photos! Seems like a very nice trip

  7. Great pictures Rodger. It was great trip for you, so many interesning places! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Most of the US National Park battlefields are very good in my opinion but Antietam is one of the better ones I have visited (though 20 years ago now!), still feels authentic and not hard to imagine the visibility difficulties faced by both sides. Lovely photos, thanks for the reminder.

  9. Brilliant pictures Rodger!!

  10. You are having a marvellous trip Rodger. Thanks for all the photos. It seems that you are having places more or less to yourselves too, which is amazing.
    Your photos of Burnside's bridge just emphasise: what was he thinking?!

  11. Lovely images, Rodger. So nice to see the area preserved and respected.

  12. Beautiful pictures Rodger! I did get a chance to march all up and down Sharpsburg which was of course great, but sadly didn't get a chance to see Valley Forge so it's nice to see it through your lens.