Sunday, 13 December 2015

A rugged adventure.

The other week a couple of the lads got together for a wee game.

The IRA were having a secret meeting away from watching eyes and listening ears.

 Somehow though someone managed to inform both the local police and the British army!

  From opposite directions the army boys and the police make their way towards the building where the meeting is taking place.


 Hidden around the grounds are some lookouts, ready to give the signal should they see anything.

 An Irishman watching over the wall spots some army lads sneaking between hedge and trees. His shot misses but it does alert the rest of the IRA in the house.
 Another lookout,at the other end of the property, spots some police as they come through a gap in the hedges.
 He opens fire and drops the leading policeman.
 With their cover blown the army boys make a dash for the wall.
 Other groups of police and army are now rushing towards the building where the meeting is being held.
 One of the lookouts has been hit. The wounded man heads back to his friends as other members of the IRA are now either shooting out from the windows or rushing out side to help.
 With shots being fired all over the place the IRA members decide to make a run for it.
 Splitting up, about half of them go each way trying to get away from there attackers.
 A gap at the end of the wall looks like the easiest way on this side but the army have noticed this too.
 Over on the police side the IRA have had to abandon their wounded comrades so that at least some of them might escape to fight another day. 
At the end of the wall the fighting becomes desperate. The Irish manage to hold off the army long enough for some of the members to get away.

Most of the IRA lads were wounded and later captured but enough of them did get away and I am sure they will be back.

The rules were Rugged Adventures.
Most of the figures were painted by Nate at


  1. Great looking game Rodger, love the beautiful and atmospheric pictures...

  2. Superb looking game :)
    That table looks spot on... great atmosphere!

  3. Greetings, Rodger. Great battle fought out on a wonderfully staged battlefield.

  4. Very interesting subject. I love the last photos of the desperate boyhos pouring out of that house.
    Terrific figures and table.

  5. Excellent game and report Rodger!

  6. Great report Rodger! And a nice and quite a bit more uncommon subject as well!

  7. What a beaut little game. I like the scenario as it's plausible. Geoffs figs look great.

  8. Intriguing scenario, Rodger. Not seen very often, I should think. Great looking figs and terrain as always.

  9. Ho do I keep missing these posts? Looks like an intriguing game to play, and it is great to see all those figures getting a run. The Boers make excellent IRA chaps!

    1. Thought you might get a bit of a kick out of seeing your handy work being used as intended!