Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lt Gen John Bell Hood

John Bell Hood was born in 1831 and died 1879. Considered by many as one of the best Brigade and Divisional commanders in the Confederate army.

 Wounded on the second day at Gettysburg, Hood lost the use of his left arm.
 He was wounded again at the Battle of Chickamauga while leading an assault requiring the amputation of his right leg.
 Despite these wounds Hood was still there for the Rebel cause.
 In 1864 he was given command of the Army of Tennessee. This was short lived after defeats at Franklin and Nashville.
Hood died in 1879 from Yellow Fever just days after his wife and oldest child leaving 10 orphans.

Hood is a Perrys metal figure and his off-sider is from the plastic cavalry set.


  1. Great post Rodger, very nice historical background and beautiful vignette...

  2. Nice work - really enjoy these vignettes you put together...
    I'm inspired to do some ACW stuff in the future :)

  3. Very nice painting. Lovely pictures!

  4. Nice work Rodger! Great brushwork and a cool write up too, very nice.

  5. Now that is a really nice command base.

  6. Great looking command base Rodger! And a nice little history snippet as well!

  7. Great modeling, Rodger. BTW: all commanding officers wearing their rank should hide behind trees, IMHO. (:0|)

  8. That's a rather splendid stand Rodger, bravo Sir.

  9. A great command figure Rodger, an interesting summary of his career!

  10. Another great command stand, Rodger. Just as good as your Old Pete stand.
    Poor JB Hood, I always feel that had the war gone on another year longer, he would have ended up as a torso strapped on a horse.

  11. "So now I'm marching southward,
    My heart id full of woe.
    I'm going back to Georgia
    To see my Uncle Joe.
    You may talk about your Beauregard,
    And sing of General Lee -
    But the gallant Hood of Texas
    Played Hell in Tennessee!"
    (sung by soldiers of the Army of Tennessee after Nashville, 1864, to the tune of 'Yellow Rose of Texas")

    1. Cheers Ion. I was thinking of adding this myself.
      Very glad you have added it as a comment!

  12. Impressive photos of your brush work here Rodger! marvelous display of painted miniatures and terrain to boot too!


  13. Very nice and interesting bio history. cheers

  14. Stunning work as usual Rodger. 10 orphans...Phew!

  15. No one could doubt the man's courage but his performance towards the end of the war was less than Davis hoped for. Probably a result of losing so many parts of his anatomy. Awesome modelling as usual Rodger.

  16. Very well done! I'm sure this valiant fellow will help to ensure victory for the cause.