Sunday, 29 January 2017

Action at the crossroads.

Had a wee game of Bolt Action the other night.

A bunch of Americans and some Germans found that they both required control of the crossroads for future operations in this area.

 There were a couple of damaged buildings near the crossroads.
 The Americans moved in quickly to try and secure their objective.

 The Germans moved up also from the opposite direction.

 As it happened the Americans gained control of one house while the Germans took over the other.
 One group of Germans ran straight into an American HMG crew. After the melee the Americans came out on top and the German squad fled the scene.
 The Germans in one of the buildings were making the Americans, in the other building, pay for lifting their heads. Soon reinforcements were on their way but they too came under some heavy German MG fire.

 German troops line the hedge on the American right. On this side the Germans were doing well and managed to mow down any American brave, or stupid, enough to try and take them on.
 The German held building was attacked by several American units.... didn't take long for the thing to be decided and the few remaining Germans were forced to surrender.
With their reinforcements still getting hit hard and their right flank squads forced to retire the Americans held both buildings and had control of the crossroads. Time to call the game as a narrow win for the Americans.


  1. A very tight game! Wonderful pictures, great looking minis and buildings Rodger...

  2. Great stuff...lovely figs and terrain as always!

  3. I like the close games the best. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Looked like a bit of fun Rodger. Were you on the winning side?

    1. It was good fun Nate but unfortunately I was not on the winning side. Can't even remember the last time I won!

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  6. Great photos, and nice battle scenes
    whether you're winning or losing sides,
    victory coming home

  7. Great post, excellent photos! The setting and minis are top notch! Cheers!

  8. Terrain and figures on this tabletop look top notch. The game summary was fun to read - thanks.

  9. Time for a rematch my friend. We could do with a couple of pieces of armour to spice thing up a bit?