Monday, 6 February 2017

WW2 in 20mm

A recent game with some of the lads.

Based on the battle at Antwerp in WW2 the Allies are trying to capture a port near Antwerp held by the Germans.

The beach near Antwerp.

The town was one of the main objectives for the Allies.

Bunkers on either side of the table were also objectives.

No shortage of anti tank guns.

The beach just before the landings.

The landings begin.

The Allies pressed forward toward their objectives as fast as possible.

The left hand German position was heavily mined

and plenty of troops too.

The attack on the German left . Already the Allies are suffering.

On the German right, the sea wall is being crossed.

Allies slowly move forward towards the town.

Some air support arrives just in time.

More damage to the Germans on the return flight.

The town is in Allied hands. Just the bunkers to go.

The mine field has proven costly for the Allies.

The Allies reach the bunker but with heavy casualties morale is low and the Germans hold on.

On the other side, with the town in Allied control, attention has been directed toward the bunker. With virtually nothing left to harm the Churchills it was now only a matter of time for these two bad boys to mop up all remaining German resistance.

Thanks to Vinnie for, well, everything really. Organising the game, umpiring the game,supplying all the troops,vehicles and terrain.


The rules we used for this game were Rapid Fire.


  1. Those ships look brilliant, simple but effect terrain. It looks like a great game.

  2. That looks like a thoroughly splendid way to spend an afternoon.

  3. oh, yeees, a lot of fun!Great looking minis and terrain.

  4. Sounds nice, very nice...great looking terrain!

  5. Great stuff. Love the ships and landing craft!

  6. Great stuff. What system have you used?

    1. Thanks Bart. The rules were Rapid Fire. I forgot to mention this in the post so I have added that in tonight.

    2. Old, good, lovely Rapid Fire ;)

  7. That looked great Rodger. Didn't look like 'Bolt Action', but neither does it 'Command Decision'. Curious as to the rule set you were using.

    Great landing vessels. The biggy looks like a scratchbuild - a very fine one. Is it?

    1. Cheers Ion. The rules were Rapid Fire (I have since edited the post). The water craft are scratch built by Vinnie himself. Damn good job I thought too.

  8. Nice work, bridge-armor and pak seems effective