Saturday, 18 February 2017

Warbases, Garden set 1

With plans to run a couple of Dad's Army games soon we decided that there was a need for more bits and bobs around the buildings. With that in mind Geoff bought the two garden sets made by Warbases. As this was my game, I felt that I should help out a bit and said I would make up one of the sets for him.

Garden set1 from Warbases.

Cold frame with some plants under the glass.

The compost bin.

The bench with a few things added to help it look a bit more used.

The lean to glasshouse

Had to add some plants to this one.

Interior of the glasshouse.

The potting shed. The roof lifts off of this one.

The chicken coop.

All together again.

Really enjoyed making these and adding the details. They went together beautifully and really do help to make those skirmish games look the part.


  1. Some excellent pieces of terrain here Rodger.

  2. Excellent detailing! Really is top drawer stuff

  3. These are absolutely superb Rodger, I just love the additional extras that really help to transform the pieces.

  4. The more the merrier, IMHO. Nice stuff for hiding in, on, and behind.

  5. Oh wow Rodger. These are really neat!

  6. Neat chicken farm, and the greenhouses.
    Carrots are very voluptuous, and pumpkin too
    You have obviously gardener features, or thumb finger...

  7. Just wonderful, each of the bench and the glasshouse, amazing!

  8. Lovely! I can see with my eyes, those furiously fighting to free or conquer the chickens, hard defending of glasshouse etc. Amazing job!

  9. I also have these sets which are great. Like what you have done with the plants growing on the inside of the greenhouse.

    1. Thanks Pat. I did base my paintwork on your wonderful work.