Sunday, 12 February 2017

Somewhere in the Crimea.

Our recent Friday night game was based during the Crimean War.

The Russian army advances on two strongholds, one held by a small army from Sardinia and the other by the Turks.

The Sardinian held hill top.

The Turkish held redoubt.

The Russians have to attack swiftly before....

....the British arrive on the battlefield.

With some good luck the Russians take the redoubt.

On the Russian left flank things are going a little slower for them.

Eventually the Sardinian Army give way to the mass of Russians.

For the Russians it was just in time as the British make their appearance on the battlefield.

Russian cossacks slow up the British advance.

Over on the Russian left the British advance has bogged down.

but back at the redoubt the weight of British numbers begins to tell and they recapture the redoubt.

In the end the British save the day.  A very close game.

The rules were Volley and Bayonet and the figures were from Adrian's very fine collection.


  1. Bloody and intense fghting for the redoubt...Very impressive!

  2. Looks like one heck of a fight. Looks great!

  3. Excellent looking game~!
    best regards

  4. A closely fought battle! Great stuff!

  5. Great battle in what is a relatively unsung conflict. I'd like to do some Crimean gaming, perhaps using Sharp Practice at a skirmish level - but only because none of my friends have an impressive figure collection like that

    Good stuff Rodger!

  6. Great game Rodger. I did not played the Crimean War yet. I think it is time to change it, after your game.

  7. A nice game, clear arrangements

    Crimean war was already "new and modern" war.
    Britons were using canned chow, and wheeled cannon was installed many moving plates, means stop the wheel sinking, also telegraphs, railroads transport, and explosive shells, come to users

    1. Tough struggle for the redoubt. Good looking game.

  8. Great looking armies Rodger!