Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Capture the women.

Recently we played a game set in the Dark ages.

Rival claimants to the local throne met in battle with their followers beside them. The battle, to a large degree, ended when one of the claimants was killed. However this was not the end. What was really needed now was the dead claimants daughter. Capture her and marry her off to one of your sons, that would really give you the strength to rule.

So the scene was set. The wife and daughter of the defeated Jarl along with their supporters were now on the run back through friendly territory while the victors chase after them. If they can capture the daughter before she can escape over the river there would be a good chance of unifying the whole area under one Jarl.

Between the battlefield and the river were a number of small  farm holdings loyal to the defeated Jarl. These guys would help the women if the chase came close enough to them.

The wife and daughter with their followers heading for safety....

...with the new rulers in pursuit.

Some of the locals who are prepared to fight for their now dead Jarl.

The women were having trouble keeping up in the run. Most of their followers had to turn and face their enemy again, and try and hold up the pursuers for a while

A small flanking force had raced away ahead and was now appearing on the left flank.

The flank force tries to cut of the women but another local group have different ideas.

Almost there. The women are almost on their own now with most of their followers fighting to give them a chance to escape. But the river is in sight.
The chasing group have been held up.....

....and the flanking group are about to be intercepted.

The women got away. Maybe they can rally some support and then have a go at restoring things to they way they were.

28mm, Modified Lord of the rings rules.


  1. Very nice ROdger...wonderful minis!

  2. Great idea for a game Rodger and a close run thing, always a good sign that the balance is right.

  3. Looks fun.......raiders much better off capturing the livestock less trouble 😀

  4. Very cool Rodger - great writeup!

  5. Excellent Dark Ages game Rodger!

  6. where are the valkyries and the shield maidens???!!!

    1. I think they were mostly in the buildings and somehow managed to avoid the camera!

  7. Neat game, and always good to see those models getting a run!

    1. Thanks Nathan. Thought you might enjoy seeing your skills with the brush on display.

  8. Looks fun.......raiders much better off capturing the livestock less trouble