Saturday, 17 June 2017

Zulu attack

Recently we had a game of TMWWBK using our Zulu wars figures. This was just a trial game for the Southern Strategists game that was played just a few days later.

Zulus attacking the British, much like Rorke's Drift.

For the real game take the link here


  1. Both games look great. Really nicely done

  2. Thanks for the link to the Zulu game. The layout is fantastic and provides a great sense of scope.

  3. Great looking game Rodger!

  4. Looked like a lot of fun Rodger. Quite a tense game where the Zulus looked like they had a chance, which is what you want.

  5. Really nice looking scenery, Rodger.

  6. Lovely game and beautiful figs as always, Rodger. I have to admit that I want to group them on movement trays though. Lol!

  7. Nice looking terrain and figures! Did you enjoy the rules?

    1. Thanks David. Yes, we all enjoyed how the game went. The rules seemed to work well for this type of game.

  8. Ok. I feel a return to Colonials coming on later this year and will need new rules. These might be the answer. Thanks.

  9. Sorry I missed this post Roger, you have the new Perry Miniatures to chose from to add to your wonderful collection now.

  10. What a cracking post Rodger - brilliant looking figures and table.


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  12. What a wonderful looking table and figures. Superb!

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